Der Riss im Beton // cracking concrete 
Der Riss im Beton,  23min (D) _short fiction

‘cracking concrete’ (OT: Der Riss im Beton) follows a nameless flâneuse on her ramble through a German city. 
It remains unclear where she comes from and where she is going. Sometimes she is an invisible voyeur, now and then a childish player or an annoying stranger. Her Role shifts constantly from the observer to the observed and back. The feeling of arriving nowhere accompanies the protagonist on her restless journey through the summer night, just like the words of a friend sending her voice messages from afar. In the short film, documentary elements merge with a fictional context. 
With Lea Torcelli as Flâneuse
Script - Carla Gesthuisen + Lisa C. Heldmann
Producer - Andreas Finger
Cinematography - Linda Schefferski
Set and Production Design - Blanca Barbat
Costume - Lucia Minarik
Music + Sounddesign - Arthur Nagel + Lisa C. Heldmann
Supported by Film und Medienstiftung NRW
Heldmann // Kunsthochschule für Medien Production
Sound - Camilo Sandoval
Gaffer - Elisabeth Caic
Director + Edit - Lisa C. Heldmann
the project is not released yet. More info coming soon 
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© Lisa C. Heldmann